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How far in advanced do I need to reserve my event?

A: As soon as possible as there are birthdays and other celebrations every day of the year! It pains us greatly to tell a client we cannot help them as they have waited too late to reserve a date that we are completely booked for! Sometimes we are able to assist last minute clients, so please call us ASAP so we can help you!  We require deposits to hold your date and time

What makes you so different?

A: We have worked in amusement parks and at private events for many years and have painted thousands of children. This extensive experience has made us fast as well as attentive. Making the experience fun and engaging for children and adults is key to our success. Our interpersonal skills and experience with dealing with children make us top notch artistes. Our goal is to make your event as memorable as possible. We feel that we provide a top of the line service and love what we do!

Have you worked with star clients?

A:Yes! We are happy to email or fax you our standard confidentiality agreement. This assures you that there will be no discussions of the event with outside parties, or cameras inside your property. If you prefer to use your own agreement, we are happy to have each and every one of our staff sign that for you instead.

What is the minimum age the child needs to be to experience our services?

A:It really depends on how still your child can sit. Our supplies are non-toxic and gentle to the skin.
-Face painting, Glitter and airbrush tattoos and hair airbrush takes 2 to 5 minutes per design.
-Henna and jagua take 5 minutes and up to apply. The drying time being over 15 minutes we recommend that children are old enough and aware to not smearing the design while it’s drying.  

Can I get mixed services?

A: Mixed services such as face painting, glitter tattoos, air brush tattoos, henna, jagua and hair airbrush can be arranged prior to your event.